Want To See Something Really Scary? Make Nancy Pelosi Speaker Again Next Year | October 30th, 2013

  • President Obama is heading to Massachusetts today with Nancy Pelosi and DCCC Chairman Steve Israel to corral more special interest cash for House Democrats.

  • Halloween might not be until tomorrow, but there’s nothing scarier than giving this band of liberals complete control of Washington again.

  • With just a few more years to cement his legacy, President Obama will double down on the same failed policies like the stimulus and ObamaCare that got us into this mess.

  • Only Democrats can look back at adding trillions in debt and creating a disastrous healthcare law as “the good old days.”


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President Obama Is Heading To Weston, MA For A Fundraiser To Benefit The DCCC. “Then on Oct. 30, Obama is set to headline a DCCC fundraiser in Weston, Mass., at the home of Susan and Alan Solomont, the former U.S. ambassador to Spain. Tickets for the event run as high as $64,800 a couple, according to a copy of the invitation obtained by The Post. At that level, donors can attend a VIP-hosted reception, get their photo taken with the president and get a seat at the dinner.” (Matea Gold, “President Obama Heads Into Intensive Fall Fundraising Stretch,” The Washington Post, 10/25/13)

Washington Post: “Stymied By A GOP House, Obama Looks Ahead To 2014 To Cement His Legacy” (Scott Wilson and Philip Rucker, “Stymied by a GOP House, Obama looks ahead to 2014 to cement his legacy,” The Washington Post, 3/2/13)

  • Obama Sees Winning Back The House As “Crucial” To His Second Term Priorities. “Obama, fresh off his November reelection, began almost at once executing plans to win back the House in 2014, which he and his advisers believe will be crucial to the outcome of his second term and to his legacy as president. He is doing so by trying to articulate for the American electorate his own feelings — an exasperation with an opposition party that blocks even the most politically popular elements of his agenda.” (Scott Wilson and Philip Rucker, “Stymied by a GOP House, Obama looks ahead to 2014 to cement his legacy,” The Washington Post, 3/2/13)

At The 2013 House Democratic Retreat, President Obama Predicted Nancy Pelosi Would Be Speaker Again “Pretty Soon.” (Youtube.com, Accessed On 4/2/13)

MSNBC’s Chris Jansing: Obama Has Been “Quietly Mapping Strategy” To Take Back The House In 2014—“The Path To A Successful Second-Term Agenda.” (YouTube, Accessed On 4/19/13)

Wolf Blitzer Of CNN Said President Obama Was “Obsessed” With Taking Back The House. (YouTube, Accessed On 4/19/13)