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Andrew Clark

Andrew Clark
Digital Press Secretary

Andrew Clark serves as the Digital Press Secretary for the NRCC. Before joining the team at the NRCC, Clark worked as a digital strategist for Gabriel Gomez's 2013 campaign for Senate, and as Deputy Digital Rapid Response Director for Mitt Romney's 2012 presidential campaign. Clark is originally from Southern California, and received his B.A. ('11) and M.A. ('12) from George Washington University in Media and Public Affairs.

On Friday afternoon, the Obama Administration quietly declared that it would be delaying – yet again – the Keystone Pipeline project, this time indefinitely. This latest decision is nothing more than a political favor to the President’s far left base, and is costing Americans thousands of jobs and energy security. Here are just 6 reasons ...
The U.S. Census Bureau has been the authoritative source for Americans’ health insurance data for more than thirty years. But starting this year, the Obama Administration is drastically changing the question wording on its surveys. According to the New York Times, this change will make it nearly impossible for policy analysts to compare this year’s ...
Snider’s Superfoods, a family owned grocery store located in top House Democrat Chris Van Hollen’s district, is yet another business being hurt by ObamaCare. The store has decided not to hire any new baggers or cashiers, in order to avoid ObamaCare’s burdensome regulations. The ObamaCare mandate forces small businesses to provide health insurance if they ...