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Daniel Scarpinato

Daniel Scarpinato
National Press Secretary

A native Arizonan, Daniel Scarpinato started his career as a reporter for the Arizona Daily Star, covering the campaigns of notables including John McCain, Janet Napolitano and Gabrielle Giffords. He later served as editor of the politically influential Yellow Sheet Report. After making the leap to politics, Daniel worked on a number of congressional and local races. Before joining the NRCC in 2011 as Western Regional Press Secretary, Daniel was Director of Communications for the Republican Majority in the Arizona House of Representatives.

Back in 2012, in his first campaign ad, titled “Seen,” Arizona Democrat Ron Barber declared he would “rebuild our middle class.” Ron even staged this shot of himself flipping through a legal pad in some fancy building in downtown Tucson, looking like he really, really cares about jobs. “I saw how we could create jobs,” he ...
The NRCC is the latest up on the air in Arizona today, with a television ad “blowing the whistle” on Ann Kirkpatrick’s horrible record on ObamaCare. Nancy Pelosi’s Super PAC, House Majority PAC, last week tried to trick Arizonans into believing Kirkpatrick “blew the whistle” on the disastrous ObamaCare website. Both the Arizona Republic and ...
It’s natural every cycle for a handful of House incumbents to call it quits and retire. But taking a look at the retirement announcements so far in the 2014 cycle, the Democrats have found themselves in a terrible situation – with races evaporating before their eyes and safe Democrat seats opening up as Republican pick-up ...