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Ian Prior

Ian Prior
National Press Secretary

Ian has taken over the role of National Press Secretary after a successful 2014 cycle as the NRCC’s Regional Press Secretary for the Northeast, where he helped Republicans pick up 6 seats and assisted incumbent Republican members, all of which won re-election. Before joining the NRCC, he worked as Campaign Manager for Brendan Doherty for Congress in Rhode Island. Prior to getting involved in politics, Ian was a successful trial attorney in Providence, Rhode Island and Boston Massachusetts.

It started out yesterday morning as a story from showing Massachusetts Democrats Stephen Lynch and Michael Capuano saying that it’s time for Nancy Pelosi to go. Then the Hill picked up the criticism of Pelosi, followed by CNN, the AP, USA Today, New York Daily News, Politico, IJ Review, Washington Free Beacon, the Daily ...
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Vincent Gentile just loves to tout his experience in the State Senate and City Council doesn’t he? Unfortunately for Gentile, digging into that “experience” brings up some things that will be very problematic for him as he struggles to get traction in his campaign for Congress. For today’s dive into the Vincent Gentile Experience, I ...
Last night Staten Island Democrats reached way down the junior varsity depth chart and officially picked Bill de Blasio discipline Vincent Gentile to run in the NY-11 special election. And you know who’s happiest about that (other than us here at the NRCC)? Mayor Bill de Blasio and his 26% approval record on Staten Island. ...