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Ian Prior

Ian Prior
Regional Press Secretary

Ian is in his first cycle as a Regional Press Secretary for the NRCC after working as Campaign Manager for Brendan Doherty for Congress in Rhode Island. Prior to getting involved in politics, Ian was a successful trial attorney in Providence, Rhode Island and Boston Massachusetts.

DWS and Pelosi
While Nick Rahall only received 24 contributions from people in the 3rd District of West Virginia, Washington liberals are going all in for Rahall in WV-03. Take Nancy Pelosi. She donated $4,000 from Nancy Pelosi for Congress. And then Pelosi’s political action committee, PAC to the Future, donated $10,000. Let’s also not forget cap-and-trade warrior ...
Anyone that’s been following uber-liberal Democrat Martha Robertson’s Congressional Campaign will surely have noticed that she can NEVER hold a press conference without reading from pre-prepared notes and talking points. Have you ever wondered what was in those notes? Well wonder no more, because we’ve obtained a copy of Martha’s notes!
Last year Nick Rahall voted for the carbon tax showing how stunningly out-of-touch he is with his own district. Today Rahall doubled down on that disloyalty by voting against a budget that would prevent his carbon tax from becoming law. Specifically, the House Republican Budget prevents the carbon tax from becoming law. “(15) This resolution ...
Like everyone else, we’re still digesting Politico’s new profile on Democrat Congressional Candidate Sean Eldridge. If you haven’t seen it, check it out here. One thing that may have gone unnoticed is the fact that Eldridge didn’t become a U.S. Citizen until 2006.  Thus, according to Article I, Section 2 of the US Constitution, which ...
Tierney Screen
The National Republican Congressional Committee is launching a paid web ad today targeting Massachusetts Democrat John Tierney for voting against a bipartisan bill, signed into law by President Obama yesterday, that funds research into pediatric cancerand autism. The Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act eliminates taxpayer financing of presidential campaigns and party conventions and redirects ...