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Katie Prill

Katie Prill
Midwest and Southeast Regional Press Secretary

Katie is beginning her second cycle as a Regional Press Secretary for the NRCC. Before her time at the committee, she served as Communications Director for West Virginia Congressman David McKinley. As a native Michigander, Katie got her start in politics working as Communications Director for a home state gubernatorial campaign and has since worked as Communications Director on senatorial and congressional races across the United States.

Are You Excited?
| July 30th, 2014

If you ask Democrat voters if they are excited about about the upcoming midterm elections the answer would be no. And that’s a HUGE issue for Democrat Ann Callis in Illinois’ 13th District. The Hill reported on how national Democrats are starting to worry that the lack of enthusiasm is going to hurt their candidates ...
Pelosi Gavel
John Foust’s campaign team, AKA the DCCC, is looking for campaign staff and are asking all interested parties to drop off their resume today at the Democratic National Headquarters in Washington. (see email below) Nothing says local like having your campaign run by Nancy Pelosi’s campaign arm. We wanted to be helpful so I drafted ...
Can you believe that Congressman Brad Schneider continues with his refusal to disclose his 2011, 2012 and 2013 tax returns? It’s the ultimate bugger off to reporters who are trying to report on the freshman congressman’s financial interests. Seeing Schneider sits on committees and votes on issues that could pertain to his own personal financial ...