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Democrat Lawmaker: ObamaCare Doesn’t Lower Healthcare Costs
NRCC | April 26, 2013

Yesterday, Congresswoman Jackie Speier made a huge mistake…

…she told the truth.

Katie Pavlich at TownHall, found video of her admitting that ObamaCare doesn’t lower healthcare costs.

This comes a month after HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius admitted the same thing–breaking a promise numerous Democrats made when they were selling the law.

You’ll recall we recently found video of 8 Democrats who promised that ObamaCare would lower costs.  What Speier said yesterday is further proof that ObamaCare’s rollout is an absolute disaster

Since it’s Friday, here’s a special treat for you: ANOTHER Democrat promising ObamaCare would lower healthcare costs.

This time it’s former DNC Chairman Tim Kaine

It’s clear that ObamaCare is a disaster, it can’t work, and must be repealed now. Sign our petition to tell Obama: “ObamaCare is a trainwreck.”

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