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With Glitches Plaguing ObamaCare Site, Paper Applications Become Dominant
NRCC | October 7, 2013

Approaching the one week anniversary of the ObamaCare exchanges, it appears they are no closer to fixing the “glitches” that have been plaguing the website from the start.

As Politico’s Jason Millman reports,

“As the exchange websites have been plagued with long wait times, temporary shutdowns and error messages since opening Oct. 1, some early shoppers have recently decided to ditch the Web in favor of paper applications.

‘We see some navigators that have pushed the paper applications,’ said Anne Filipic, president of Enroll America, referring to in-person assistance funded by the law to educate consumers about their coverage options. Those navigators, she said, can still help people compare health plans — something that consumers locked out of HealthCare.gov this week haven’t been able to do.”

What makes the “glitches” even more unbelievable was President Obama himself promised that shopping on the exchanges would be comparable to buying a plane ticket.

In the meantime, dust that fax machine off because these problems show no signs of stopping.

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