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Update Meant to Fix ObamaCare Glitches Causing MORE Glitches in Minnesota
NRCC | October 8, 2013

Another massive ObamaCare failure, this one coming out of Minnesota. According to the Wall Street Journal, MNsure, the state ObamaCare exchange, is having technical issues using the federal government’s identify verification system – after they installed an update meant to fix the original glitches!

From the WSJ:

“A Minnesota official said the state’s insurance website, MNsure, is being hampered by new troubles with the federal government’s identify verification system that’s needed to create an account to buy health insurance.

“April Todd-Malmlov, MNsure’s executive director, didn’t elaborate on what the exact problem was but said late Monday that it ‘appears to be a different issue’ than one prevented many consumers from setting up an account late last week. She said MNsure staff is currently trying to figure out the details of the new problem with the federal government but said it appears related to a system update installed over the weekend meant to fix the original glitches.”

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