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NRCC Memo: Georgia Primary Results
NRCC | May 20, 2014

TO: Interested Parties

FROM: NRCC Political and NRCC Communications

DATE: May 20, 2014

SUBJECT: Georgia Primary Results

The state of Georgia has seen an influx of political activity in the 2014 cycle with an open U.S. Senate seat, a gubernatorial race and open congressional seats across the state. Georgia remains a strong Republican state and the winners of tonight’s open congressional primary seats will surely be a great addition to the Georgia Congressional Delegation.

The most contested congressional general election race will continue to be the 12th District this cycle. John Barrow will continue to be held accountable for his out-of-touch voting record and political pandering over the years.

GA-12: Rick Allen, R vs. Rep. John Barrow, D

Georgia’s 12th District remains the most watched congressional race for both political parties. Washington Democrats desperately need John Barrow to win this fall to have any hope of saving face this cycle. Whether it’s his vote to keep Obamacare the law of the land, or his self-serving political style, Barrow will face an aggressive challenger in businessman Rick Allen and will struggle to keep his congressional seat blue.

Rick Allen has a long history of working for his community and will be a great contrast to John Barrow’s trial lawyer, politician biography. Barrow’s political pandering and long history of putting his political career ahead of Georgia families is what’s causing the gridlock and dysfunction in Congress. Allen is a businessman who has put his community first and will continue to do so in Washington. This election cycle will be a challenge to Barrow who will have to defend his politician ways in comparison to Rick Allen who truly wants to govern and represent the folks of the 12th District.

National Democrats have been forced to play defense this cycle as the distrust and frustration with President Obama and Washington Democrats have continued to grow. The Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee and other liberal Super PACs have been forced to prematurely spend money on their incumbents in races across the country because the national climate has made them extremely vulnerable. This climate, as well as the top ticket races in Georgia, will boost Republican turnout in the midterm election and give any challenger to John Barrow a boost.

John Barrow has been named a top target this cycle by national Republicans and was put in the NRCC’s Red Zone program. While two other vulnerable Red Zone Democrats, Jim Matheson (UT-04) and Mike McIntyre (NC-07), decided to retire instead of being kicked out of office by voters this November, national Republicans are sure Barrow will face defeat in November.

Geography: PVI: R+9; Romney 55.42%; Obama 43.64%. Georgia’s 12th District runs along the South Carolina border and includes the following counties: Richmond, Burke, Jenkins, Screven, Emanuel, Treutlen, Laurens, Wheeler, Montgomery, Toombs, Candler, Bulloch, Evans, Tattnall, Appling, Jeff Davis, Coffee, and portions Columbia and Effingham. Both the Cook Political Report and the Rothenberg Report rate it as Lean Democrat.  


The following are the unofficial results from Tuesday’s primary election in Georgia. These results are unofficial and incomplete. 

*Indicates Winner determined by AP 

GA-12 – GOP Primary    14 of 19 Precincts Reporting

Rick Allen*                       53.97%

Eugene Yu                        16.52%
Delvis Dutton                  14.30%

John Stone                       12.54%

Diane Vann                      2.66%

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