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behind closed doors
NRCC | December 18, 2017

In a process shrouded in secrecy, Jeff Van Drew is lending a hand to his political allies at the expense of New Jersey taxpayers.

Via NorthJersey.com:

New Jersey’s public employee pension system may be the most underfunded in the nation, but that is not stopping state lawmakers from rushing through a lame-duck bill to help the mayor of Camden — and potentially other politicians — collect a larger pension.

None of the Senate Budget Committee members will reveal the identity or number of politicians who their vote will benefit.

According to Van Drew ally Stephen Sweeney…

We’re going to fully fund the pension like [Democratic Gov.-elect] Phil Murphy said, so it’s not hurting the pension, he said. If you’re telling me adding four or five or maybe, say, 25 people to a pension system that has 800,000 people involved in it and that’s going to hurt the pension system, it’s not true.


Four, five, maybe 25? For a state that’s in the middle of a pension funding crisis, you’d think Jeff Van Drew would be focused on digging them out – not shoveling more dirt in.

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