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are liberals buying it?
NRCC | April 13, 2018

Jeff Van Drew continued his frantic lurch to the left this week by voting in favor of reimposing the Obamacare individual mandate on New Jersey taxpayers.

Last year Republicans repealed the federal individual mandate, which fined Americans for choosing not to purchase health insurance. If this bill is signed by Phil Murphy, New Jersey will become the first state in the country to force a statewide mandate on its citizens.

Add this vote to the growing list of desperate actions Van Drew has taken to appease his far-left base.

He previously pulled his cosponsorship of pro-death penalty and pro-life legislation, and POLITICO reported that Senate leadership may be holding votes on gun control legislation to protect him in the primary.

“Jeff Van Drew is a career Trenton politician who will say anything to get elected.” – NRCC Spokesman Chris Martin

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