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New Jersey Primary Memo
Maggie Abboud | July 9, 2020

DATE: JULY 9, 2020 

New Jersey’s vulnerable Democrats are in serious electoral trouble this fall when they will be forced to defend the liberal records they have developed in Washington.

Instead of delivering results to New Jersey voters, NJ Democrats have fallen in line with Nancy Pelosi and the socialist Democrats to push an agenda focused on higher taxes, government-funded campaign contributions and an obsession with impeaching President Trump. Republicans have recruited highly talented challengers who have what it takes to win back these seats.

NJ-02: Jeff Van Drew (R) vs. Amy Kennedy (D)

Jeff Van Drew is the perfect example for how far left Democrats have gone, switching parties due to Democrats’ obsession with impeaching President Donald Trump. With a massive cash on hand advantage, Van Drew is set to continue delivering results for the community he has served for decades.

Amy Kennedy has made one mistake after the next on the campaign trail, from her husband getting caught running a $500,000 super PAC on her behalf to texts revealing Kennedy begged for support from the South Jersey Democratic political machine, despite campaigning as an outsider. Kennedy’s gaffes aren’t going to stop anytime soon. South Jersey voters want more than a last name and unfortunately that’s all Amy Kennedy has to offer.

PVI: R+1

2016 Presidential Results: Trump 50.6% – 46%

Ratings: Cook Political Report – Lean GOP; Inside Elections – Tilt GOP

Geography: The district includes the counties of Salem, Cumberland, Cape May and Atlantic and portions of Gloucester, Camden, Burlington and Ocean counties. The DMA is Philadelphia 94.2% and New York City 5.8%.

NJ-03: Andy Kim (D) vs. David Richter (R)

Andy Kim loves to talk about being a moderate problem solver but his record in Washington tells a completely different story. Kim has been a loyal soldier of Nancy Pelosi and the radical left, voting with Pelosi 98% of the time, backing impeachment and joining the Progressive Caucus. New Jersey voters can’t trust Andy Kim to put them before his political masters.

David Richter is a long-time New Jersey resident whose successful career in the private sector has given him the experience necessary to help the economy rebound from the coronavirus pandemic. Richter will focus on delivering the conservative values this district deserves and present a stark contrast with Kim’s life as a government bureaucrat.

PVI: R+2

2016 Presidential Results: Trump: 51.4% – Clinton: 45.2%

Ratings: Cook Political Report – Toss Up; Inside Elections – Lean Dem

Geography: The district includes most of Burlington County and portions of Ocean County. The DMA is Philadelphia 56.3% and New York City 43.7%.

NJ-05: Josh Gottheimer (D) vs. Frank Pallotta (R)

Josh Gottheimer likes to pretend he’s a pragmatist but his record tells a different story. Whenever Nancy Pelosi and Washington Democrats need his vote, Gottheimer delivers, voting with Pelosi 95% of the time. So while Washington Democrats put New Jersey jobs at risk with their radical environmental policies and government-run health care plans, Josh Gottheimer is happy to vote with them no matter the damage it will cause his constituents.

Frank Pallotta is a small business owner who knows what middle-class New Jerseyans need. He will provide the leadership that has been absent as Gottheimer focused on TV interviews, high-dollar fundraisers and sucking up to the liberal elite.

PVI: R+3

2016 Presidential Results: Trump: 48.8% – Clinton: 47.7%

Ratings: Cook Political Report – Likely Democratic; Inside Elections – Safe Dem

Geography: The district includes much of the northern portions of Warren, Sussex, Passaic and Bergen counties. The DMA is 100% New York City.

NJ-07: Tom Malinowski (D) vs. Tom Kean (R)

One-term Tom Malinowski has demonstrated he’d rather spend his time cozying up to the liberal left than delivering solutions for his district. Malinowski has bragged about being the first swing-district member to back impeachment, joked about needing illegal immigrants to mow Somerset County’s beautiful lawns, praised Bernie Sanders’ Green New Deal and has embarrassed NJ-07 voters at every turn with his liberal record.

No one knows what NJ-07 voters need better than Tom Kean because he’s been fighting on their behalf for more than a decade. Kean’s long history of pragmatic solutions are exactly what voters want from their congressional representative and will serve as a stark contrast with Tom Malinowski’s liberal voting record.

PVI: R+3

2016 Presidential Results: Trump: 47.5% – Clinton: 48.6%

Ratings: Cook Political Report –Lean Democratic; Inside Elections – Lean Democratic

Geography: The district includes Hunterdon County and portions of Essex, Morris, Somerset, Union, and Warren counties. The DMA is 100% New York City.

NJ-11: Mikie Sherrill (D) vs. Rosemary Becchi (R)

Mikie Sherrill has destroyed her moderate image by backing impeachment and voting in lockstep with Washington Democrats. Sherrill has admitted to upholding the partisan status quo, telling voters Democrats don’t want to pass bipartisan legislation because they “don’t want to give the president a win.” This is the opposite of what NJ-11 voters want from their member of Congress.

Rosemary Becchi is a conservative fighter who will work to protect taxpayer dollars and ensure the safety and security of New Jersey families. While Sherrill has spent her time voting with Nancy Pelosi 98% of the time, Becchi will always put NJ-11 voters first.

PVI: R+3

2016 Presidential Results: Trump: 48.8% – Clinton: 47.9%

Ratings: Cook Political Report – Likely Democratic; Inside Elections – Safe Dem

Geography: The district includes portions of Morris, Pasaic, Essex and Sussex counties. The DMA is 100% New York City.

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