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Andrea Bozek

Andrea Bozek
Communications Director

Andrea got her start at NRCC during the 2006 cycle. She later worked as a research analysis and regional coordinator on John McCain’s president campaign, was press secretary for Congressman Tom Reynolds and served as communications director for Chris Lee’s campaign and official office. A Buffalo native, Andrea returned to the NRCC in 2011 as a regional press secretary and rose to Deputy Communications Director in the 2012 cycle.

Another telling quote from President Obama last night – all the Democrats running in 2014 “are all folks who vote with me” and “have supported my agenda.” While we didn’t have time to put that great clip in our ads today…. A few weeks ago, he stated unequivocally that “every single one” of his policies “are on the ballot” this fall. That ...
Israel Pelosi
It is 20 days from Election Day and DCCC Chairman Steve Israel isn’t on the road helping candidates. That’s right – he’s back in DC trying to make sure he’s not blamed for what’s shaping up to be a bad election night for Democrats. But I’ll leave the internal politics aside and focus on the ...
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Wanted to draw your attention to these recently released NRCC ads that highlight Democrats’ extreme positions on national security. A recent CNN poll found 57% of Americans disapprove of the way President Obama is handling terrorism, and a recent Pew Poll found Americans increasingly want tighter border security. America is under a new threat of ...

Fasten your seatbelts
| September 2nd, 2014

Democrats have a lot of baggage going into November and today we released 5 new TV ads highlighting the risk they pose to families across the country. These Democrats should pack their bags for a one-way trip back home after the turbulence they are about to receive from voters. Below please find new NRCC TV ...

Epic Fails
| May 5th, 2014

bad math
Hey there – Wanted to make sure you saw that another Democrat was caught in a web of hypocrisy on pay equality today. By not living up to the pay formula Democrats endorsed, their disingenuous rhetoric is being exposed for the true political posturing it is. Suzan DelBene: Seattle Times – Republicans, DelBene camp clash ...
Yes, you read that subject line correctly. Not only is the DCCC actively working against women candidates in congressional primaries, today a Massachusetts Democrat Congressional Candidate Marisa DeFranco sent out a press release highlighting what she calls the DCCC’s “sexist double-standard.” DeFranco is currently running in a three-way primary in MA-06 with John Tierney and ...
Another week and another top DCCC recruit decides not to run for Congress. Last week, the DCCC lost their choice candidate for Mike Rogers’ open seat and today Alex Sink is throwing in the towel. These candidates who live outside the beltway understand what Obama and the DCCC doesn’t – their continued devotion to ObamaCare ...