House Baca

As House Baca works to reclaim a crown after being dethroned in a neighboring district, he has been met by opposition within his own ranks. Fellow Democrats have abandoned Baca’s quest and left him to fend for himself. But Baca considers himself a master of the game and the most experienced player, so other contenders should expect him to have some tricks up his sleeve.

House Gomez-Reyes

House Gomez Reyes sees herself poised to take the throne like no other. With undying support from some of the left’s leading ladies in EMILY’s List, Eloise Gomez Reyes has the special interests on her side. As a battle tested attorney, Gomez Reyes may have a group of trial lawyers waiting to join her special interest campaign.

House Tillman

House Tillman is the most recent entrant in the campaign for the throne, but not one to be overlooked. Danny Tillman comes from the central region of the district most heavily populated with Democrats who may be willing to support a local campaigner. With the help of some well-funded special interest allies in the form of teachers’ unions coming to his aid, Tillman may yet take the throne.

House Aguilar

House Aguilar prepares for the battle by stockpiling resources from his insider allies, the DCCC in faraway Washington, DC. Having tried and failed to take the throne once before, Aguilar appears poised to repeat his failings of the past by encouraging more rivals with his displays of weakness and inability to run a “viable” campaign.

House Baca House Tillman House Gomez-Reyes House Aguilar