Steering Committee

DONORS-Steering_Committee-RWBThe NRCC’s Steering Committee is a strong voice that drives the political agenda of the Republican Party.  Active participation in the Steering Committee provides members the opportunity to communicate their views directly to the Republican Congressional leaders.  At each national meeting of the Steering Committee, issue forums are held with Republican leaders to get up-to-the-minute reports on current and upcoming legislation, and on the political agenda for the House of Representatives.  Steering Committee members have the opportunity to attend events featuring Republican Members of Congress and Republican Party Congressional Leadership at least twice a year as well as regional events across the country.

How Does a Steering Committee Membership Benefit You?

In addition to making helping the NRCC maintain the majority and support a pro-business agenda, your contribution entitles you to the following benefits (subject to change):

    • Invitation for you and a guest to attend annual national NRCC meetings.  This benefit includes the NRCC’s annual March Dinner and Summit.
    • Invitation for you and a guest to attend the NRCC Bright Lights & Broadway regional meeting.
    • Quarterly conference calls and issue briefings with Republican Party leaders.
    • Invitations to NRCC regional events across the country.
    • Email updates from the NRCC—developments on the legislative and political fronts.
    • NRCC Congressional Directory—guide to the 113th Congress.

Financial Commitment

Membership in the Steering Committee is an annual contribution of $10,000.

Personal contributions to any of the national party committees are limited by law to

$30,800 from an individual per calendar year.


For more information regarding the Caucus please contact Ryan Carney at 202-479-7094 or by email at