Leaving – NY-24 – Dan Maffei | October 30th, 2012

The script for this ad is as follows:


ANNOUNCER: There were businesses here, business looked like they were going to be staying here.

Lockheed Martin, Welch Allyn, New Process Gear, Carrier, Bristol-Myers.

 Businesses are leaving.

 It’s very, very sad.

 My biggest concern is that my kids are not going to have jobs.

 The economy in central new York will get worse with Dan Maffei.

 Dan Maffei is more concerned about his party line than he is with update New York.

 Tax and spend is not the answer.

 He is out of touch with Central New York.

 Dan Maffei didn’t stand up for Welch Allyn, I doubt he’ll stand up for me.

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