Sarcasm – MI-01 – Radio | October 21st, 2012

The script for this ad is as follows:


 TOM: Yeah?

 ANNOUNCER: You know what we need?

 TOM: No, what?

 ANNOUNCER: More taxes. You know, things are going so well with the economy here I was thinking more taxes would fix things right up.

 TOM: Wait, more taxes are the last thing we need.

 Oh, I get it. This is sarcasm right?

ANNOUNCER: Yeah. I’m just so fed up.

 TOM: Me too.

 ANNOUNCER: This guy Gary McDowell acts like he’s all full of common sense and is going to solve all the problems in Washington.

 TOM: McDowell’s been a politician for 30 years.

 ANNOUNCER: Yeah, McDowell supported Jennifer Granholm’s $2 billion jobs plan.

TOM: I remember. Even the press call it a misuse of our tax dollars.

 ANNOUNCER: Sure did.

 ANNOUNCER: And McDowell was right there supporting the Obama-Nancy Pelosi failed stimulus.

 TOM: Billions of our tax dollars went to foreign companies.

 ANNOUNCER: Created jobs in China.

 TOM: Man, you had me there for a moment, I thought you really wanted more taxes.

 ANNOUNCER: No. But that’s what we’ll get with Gary McDowell.

 TOM: McDowell’s done it before.

 ANNOUNCER: And he’ll do it again.

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