NRCC Chair Steve Stivers: Democrats Won’t Put People First, They’ll Put People Back In Line

January 1, 1970

WASHINGTON – NRCC Chairman Steve Stivers joined ABC’S ‘This Week’ to remind viewers how dysfunctional the government was under Democrats’ control, discrediting their talking points about putting people first.

NRCC CHAIRMAN STEVE STIVERS: Their slogan about “putting people first,” what they’re going to do is put people in line. They’re going to put people back in the unemployment line, with their terrible economic policies. They’re going to put people in line for health care, with their government takeover of health care. And we all saw with the V.A. scandal under President Obama that some of those veterans died waiting in line. That is not the answer for health care. A government takeover of health care, a single-payer system is not the answer. It will put people in line, it won’t put people first. Somebody’s first, but a lot of people are in line behind them.