Will Owens Stand Up For Farmers?

January 1, 2009

More bad news continues to mount for Bill Owens in the evolving Jon Corzine scandal. Yesterday, Montana farmers filed a class action suit against the former New Jersey governor for flushing critical investments from farmers across America down the drain.

As a member of the DCCC’s incumbent protection program, Owens stands to benefit from donations by disgraced Wall Street Executive Jon Corzine. The DCCC took more than $130,000 from Corzine, who led MF Global straight into bankruptcy. Will Bill Owens do what’s right and reject this money?

After all Owens is a member of the House Agriculture Committee and prides himself on supposedly standing up for farmers. Well, so much for that.

As you cover this scandal, please consider the following quote:

“As a member of the House Agriculture Committee, Bill Owens should stand up for the American farmers who got ripped off by Corzine’s schemes and tell national Democrats to return the tainted donations today.
” – NRCC Spokesman Nathaniel Sillin