Boswell Doubling-Down On His Failed Big-Government Policies That Are Costing Iowa Families

January 3, 2009

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While most candidates would understand that President Obama’s job approval numbers are taking a nose dive in Iowa because of his job-crushing polices, Leonard Boswell wants to campaign with the architects of the $800 billion failed stimulus plan and $1 trillion government takeover of healthcare that has left Iowa’s middle-class families with nothing but pink slips and more debt.

Boswell is Doubling-Down On His Failed Big-Government Policies That Are Costing Iowa Families:

Boswell Welcomes Obama And Pelosi To Campaign With Him. “U.S. Rep. Leonard Boswell thinks it would be just fine if President Obama — or House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi — came to Iowa to campaign for him this fall.” (Des Moines Register, 8/28/2011)

Boswell Says He Will Not Distance Himself From The President and Said He Is “Proud” Of What Pelosi Accomplished. “Boswell said in an interview last week that he’s not one to distance himself from the president. Furthermore, he said, he’s proud of what Pelosi has been able to accomplish.” (Des Moines Register, 8/28/2011)

Boswell Still Wants A Single-Payer Healthcare System. “He’s still an advocate of the public option for federal health-care reform and notes that he didn’t mind being under a single-payer system when he was in the military.” (Des Moines Register, 8/28/2011)

Boswell Is Forgetting His Tax-Raising Past. “‘I chaired Appropriations when we put our fiscal house in order in ’91-’92,’ he said. He didn’t mention the 1992 sales tax increase that was a key component of the budget-balancing deal, but he fondly recalled bipartisan relationships from the good ol’ days at the Statehouse.” (Des Moines Register, 8/28/2011)

“Iowa middle-class families must be shaking their heads at Leonard Boswell’s ignorance. Maybe Obama and Pelosi can help Boswell explain how hope and change meant record unemployment and a double dip recession. Surely with statements like these, Boswell will be celebrating his retirement with Pelosi and Obama next November.” – NRCC Spokeswoman Andrea Bozek