Carnahan “Unconditionally” Supports Obama’s Failed Job-Destroying Policies.

January 4, 2009

 Good Morning,

Missouri middle-class families are facing more bad economic news with the Department of Economic Development recently reporting a loss of 3,100 Missouri jobs in August. What happened to the stimulus creating 69,000 jobs in Missouri that Carnahan promised? As we can see with last night’s special election results, President Obama and his failed record on jobs served as an albatross around the neck of the Democrat candidates. The Blue Dogs’ support wasn’t enough in Nevada’s 2nd district and a more than 3-1 party registration advantage didn’t help in a deep blue district in New York City.

What impact will this have on Russ Carnahan, who supported Obama’s failed stimulus plan that failed to keep unemployment below 8 percent? Will Russ Carnahan try to distance himself from supporting Obama?

Russ Carnahan Said The Stimulus Would Create 69,000 Missouri Jobs: “[I] am confident that this package will make our economy stronger and more resilient…This jobs and recovery plan will create or save 69,000 jobs in Missouri in fields including education, health care, research and construction.” (Press Release, “Carnahan Votes To Put Americans Back To Work,” Rep. Russ Carnahan’s office, 2/13/2009)

August Jobs Report: Zero New Jobs, First Time Since February 1945 That Economy Has Had “Monthly Net Job Change Of Zero”: “Unemployment remained unchanged in August as employers added no new jobs for the first time since World War II, the Department of Labor reported Friday morning. … Economists had been expecting 93,000 new jobs last month, down from 117,000 in July. The unemployment rate stayed, as expected, at 9.1 percent. The fact that no net new jobs were added in August was yet another dose of bad news for the economy. It’s the first time since February 1945 that the government has reported a monthly net job change of zero.” (Lyneka Little and Bill McGuire, “U.S. Employers Added No New Jobs in August,” ABC News, 9/2/2011)
White House Forecast Has Unemployment Above 9% Through 2012. (Erik Wasson, “White House Downgrades Job Growth Forecast for 2012,” The Hill, 9/1/2011)
Odds Of A Recession At 50 Percent? “If history is a guide, the odds that the American economy is falling into a double-dip recession have risen sharply in recent weeks and may even have reached 50 percent.” (David Leonhardt, “Rising Fears of Recession,” The New York Times, 9/7/2011)

Carnahan “Unconditionally” Supports Obama’s Failed Job-Destroying Policies. “The president can count on solid support from at least one Missouri Democrat. ‘I do endorse the president for 2012,’ said Congressman Russ Carnahan during a tour of a St. Louis County manufacturer during a week-long jobs tour. He adds that support is unconditional and not based on which Republican might eventually win that party’s nomination. Carnahan believes Obama has provided a steady hand while guiding the country’s economic ship through extremely turbulent waters. ‘The president has dealt with multiple and complex issues that have landed on his plate,’ Carnahan suggested.” (Kevin Killeen “Do Missouri Democrats Still Support President Obama?, KMOX, 8/24/2011)

NRCC COMMENT: “Missouri’s middle-class families are fed up with Carnahan’s empty promises and failed policies that have destroyed jobs. His unconditional support for Obama’s re-election demonstrates Carnahan will be another rubber-stamp for Obama’s spending sprees that have severely damaged Missouri’s economy.” – NRCC Spokeswoman Andrea Bozek