Brad Miller Saw The Writing On The Wall

January 5, 2009

 Good Morning,

Brad Miller has finally announced what everyone already knew: his job-destroying agenda would force him to retire from Congress. Rather than run in an open seat, blocks away from his home, or primary a popular fellow Democrat member, Miller saw the writing-on-the-wall and knew families in the 13th district would reject his big-government agenda.

Please consider the following information from the NRCC as you cover Miller’s “redistricting retirement.”

NRCC COMMENT: “Brad Miller’s decision gives Republicans a very promising opportunity heading into the November elections. With one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, North Carolina families want a new leader who will put an end to the Democrats’ reckless, job-destroying agenda.” – NRCC Spokeswoman Andrea Bozek

McCain: 54%
Bush: 62%
PVI: R+10


6/3/2011 — TV AD “Brad Miller Votes for More Debt, Fewer Jobs”
To view the TV ad, click here: The text for the ad is as follows: ANNCR: The American economy is still in trouble. Drowning in government debt…owed to countries like China. The national debt is now 14 trillion dollars. And Congressman Brad Miller just voted for two trillion MORE debt….without any budget cuts. More American debt means fewer American jobs. Tell Congressman Miller he’s borrowed too much already. The National Republican Congressional Committee is responsible for the content of this ad.

12/21/2011 – ROBO CALL: Brad Miller Paves Way for Tax Increase on North Carolina Families
“If you’re as fed up with Congress as everyone else is, wait till you hear what your Congressman Brad Miller did. Not only did Miller vote last week pave the way for a tax increase for you and every other American middle class family, but he is now stubbornly standing by his position that could raise your taxes by over a thousand dollars starting on January 1st. Even House Republicans and President Obama agree that we should find an immediate long-term solution for middle class Americans. Why doesn’t Brad Miller want to give American families the same stability over the holidays? Call Brad Miller at (202) 225-3032 Ask him to stop being the typical Washington politician and for once, try to work in a bipartisan manner to help lower taxes for middle class families struggling with a harsh economy.”

8/9/2011 – ROBO CALL: Brad Miller’s Spending Spree Makes our Economy Worse
“Brad Miller continues to oppose a Balanced Budget Amendment that would force Washington to live within its means. Brad Miller and his fellow Democrats’ addiction to big government spending has led to a downgrade of America’s credit rating and a dramatic loss in the global markets that could force you to pay more for everyday expenses. While Brad Miller keeps standing in the way of real fiscal reform, middle-class families in North Carolina could now see a loss in retirement savings while mortgage rates, car payments and student loans could become even more expensive. Call Congressman Brad Miller at (202) 225-3032 and tell him to stop his reckless borrowing spree.”

6/3/2011 – ROBO CALL: Miller Demands New Credit Card
“After spending recklessly and maxing out the nation’s credit card, Miller demanded that Congress vote to increase the nation’s debt limit without making any spending cuts. Miller begged for another credit card with no plan on how to pay the bills or promise to stop his spending addiction. Call Brad Miller at (202) 225-3032 and tell him to stop being irresponsible with your tax dollars – and stop borrowing money from China to pay for more spending.”

3/23/2011 – ROBO CALL: Miller’s Policies Could Raise Gas Prices and Restrain American-Made Energy

“I’m calling from the National Republican Congressional Committee. Feeling the pain at the pump every time you fill up your tank? Well, you should know that your Congressman, Brad Miller, is supporting policies that could raise gas prices even more. Miller is so detached from reality that while families in North Carolina are forced to pay more than $3.60 a gallon, Miller has been in Washington supporting big-government policies that lead to higher gas prices and restrain the production of American-made energy. Call Miller today at (202) 225-3032 and tell him you’re paying too much at the pump.”