How Parker Griffith is Voting

January 14, 2009

Washington- While millions of American families are struggling to afford healthcare during tough economic times, Rep. Parker Griffith (D-AL) did a true disservice to low-income families in Alabama by refusing to enact necessary reforms in the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP).  Griffith instead prioritized partisan games over supporting a Republican motion, which would have vastly improved the SCHIP legislation to ensure that the poorest children in Alabama receive healthcare coverage first and to fully fund the program without raising taxes (House Roll Call 15).

Instead of supporting the Republican motion to put poor children at the front of the line to receive critical healthcare coverage, Griffith chose instead to side with party bosses at the expense of America’s low-income children:

Griffith voted against ensuring that the poorest children receive healthcare coverage first:

* The motion which Parker Griffith voted to kill would have required states to enroll uninsured low-income children first, before they could spend taxpayer funds on covering higher-income families with this government-run health care program.

Griffith voted against preventing a tax increase on lower-income families:

* The motion which Parker Griffith voted to kill would have prevented the Democrats’ $72 billion tax increase that will disproportionately affect lower-income families – these same families who have been victimized the most by these hard economic times.

Griffith voted against preventing illegal immigrants from receiving taxpayer-funded healthcare:

* The motion which Parker Griffith voted to kill would have ensured that states verify the citizenship status of applicants to ensure illegal immigrants aren’t getting taxpayer-funded healthcare benefits.

“Parker Griffith prioritized his party loyalty over reaching across the aisle to ensure all low-income children in Alabama receive the healthcare coverage they need without placing an unnecessary tax burden on already struggling families,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain.  “Instead of supporting a motion to strengthen the SCHIP program, Parker Griffith resorted to the same partisan games that have plagued Congress for too long.”

Republicans support all efforts to ensure that poor children receive vital health care coverage, and in an effort to protect America’s children and taxpayers, an amendment was offered to the SCHIP bill.  However, instead of finding real solutions to America’s healthcare crisis, Parker Griffith instead joined the ranks of the liberal Washington establishment and chose to engage in the same tired partisan games in Washington that he promised his constituents he would end.
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