Possible Shakeup at PMA

January 29, 2009

WJACTV.com has learned a Washington lobbying powerhouse with close connections to Johnstown Rep. John Murtha is undergoing a shakeup.

Its founder, a longtime Murtha aide whose business dealings with the Congressman have attracted scrutiny, could be on his way out.

The PMA Group, founded by former Murtha staffer Paul Magliocchetti, might soon part ways with Magliocchetti. Patrick Dorton, a PMA Group spokesman, told WJACTV.com, “There are ongoing discussions inside the firm about its future business structure.”

Multiple sources told WJACTV.com PMA and Magliocchetti could soon part ways.

Read more: (Scott MacFarlane, “Possible Shakeup at Firm Tied to John Murtha,” WJAC-TV, 1/29/09)