Statement from NRCC Chairman Sessions on Result of New York Special Election

April 24, 2009

Statement from NRCC Chairman Sessions on Result of New York Special Election

Washington- National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Pete Sessions (TX) released the following statement today following the news that Republican Congressional candidate Jim Tedisco conceded in the battle for New York’s 20th Congressional District:

“After a long, hard-fought race, the final result of the New York special election reinforces what our party has known since November – we have our work cut out for us when it comes to winning in Democrat-held districts. In defeat, there will always be disappointment, but we should not ignore some of the encouraging signs that came out of this race.

“Just a few short months ago, President Obama carried this district and Kirsten Gillibrand won by an overwhelming margin against a well-funded challenger. For the first time in a long time, a Republican congressional candidate went toe-to-toe with a Democrat in a hard-fought battle over independent voters. This was hardly a common phenomenon in 2008, particularly in the Northeast. It should also be noted that our members and Party leaders stepped up to the plate and without them this race never would have been as competitive as it was.

“Jim Tedisco made this race competitive by focusing on the fundamental concerns of Main Street – middle-class job creation, the flagrant abuse of taxpayer money, and the lack of accountability in Washington and on Wall Street.  Since Election Day, we continue to hear the growing chorus of frustrated and concerned citizens who demand more from their government than profligate spending and mountains of debt that will be paid for in higher taxes by our children and grandchildren.  Although Jim was unsuccessful in his hope to change Washington, he has shed light on our Party’s efforts to win back the majority in the House.”