Economy Alarm: Melancon: National Energy Tax Would Be ‘Burden on Thousands’

May 4, 2009

Melancon: National Energy Tax Would Be ‘Burden on Thousands’
Key ‘Blue Dog’ Democrat on Energy Committee Opposes Bill That Would ‘Shut Down’ Thousands of Jobs, Hike Energy Bills

Pelosi Said Energy Policy Should Have “No Cost to the Consumer”:

“Don’t worry, this shouldn’t hurt. In fact, you won’t feel a thing. So goes the refrain of those pushing for passage of a climate bill regulating greenhouse gas emissions. Just what do they think we’re smoking?   A crackdown on greenhouse gases should involve ‘no cost to the consumer,’ declared House Speaker Nancy Pelosi the other day — this from a leading supporter of the legislation. As if one fanciful pledge weren’t enough, the California Democrat also insisted that it would be wrong to pass a bill ‘that was a penalty to some states.’” (“Carroll: Make-believe world of cap and trade,” Denver Post Editorial, 4/29/09)

Credibility Crash:
National Energy Tax Will Seriously Cripple American Energy Industry, Cost Jobs

“The opposition of Louisiana’s two Democratic congressional delegation members to controversial efforts to reduce carbon emissions is being viewed as key in the debate over the issue.

“The ‘cap and trade’ draft legislation is being considered in the House, where U.S. Rep. Charles ‘Charlie’ Melancon sits on the House Energy and Commerce Committee handling the proposal.

“……At this point Melancon said he can’t support the draft because it would shut down the state’s energy coast. Melancon’s vote could have a detrimental effect on getting the measure out of committee.

“‘I believe this bill would create an undue burden on families who are already paying too much in energy bills and on an industry that provides thousands of Louisianians with good jobs,’ Melancon said.

“Melancon’s position is also considered relevant because he is a leader of the Blue Dog Coalition, a group of moderate Democrats whose 50 votes are important for the passage of any proposal by President Barack Obama.

“…..The state’s other Democrat, U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu, is also holding a critical vote that could help sink the measure. She has been a longtime opponent of cap and trade and says the proposal is even more hurtful to businesses at a time when the economy is suffering.

“‘I think there are other ways to reduce greenhouse gases,’ Landrieu said. ‘I just don’t think an economy-wide cap and trade works.’” (Gerard Shields, “La. Democrats key figures in federal emissions debate,” Baton Rouge Advocate, 05/02/09)


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