Baron Hill: “Nancy [Pelosi] Didn’t Do Anything Wrong”

May 21, 2009

Baron Hill: “Nancy [Pelosi] Didn’t Do Anything Wrong”

Baron “Capitol Hill” Stands by Speaker Amid Fallout over CIA Briefings

 WashingtonAs fallout continues over whether Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was telling the truth when she said the CIA lied to her about the interrogation of terrorist suspects, Rep. Baron Hill (D-IN) ran to her defense yesterday, claiming she “didn’t do anything wrong,” by accusing the CIA of lying to her in a briefings about enhanced interrogation techniques.

As members of Congress state that if Pelosi’s claims are untrue, she should resign as Speaker, Baron Hill quickly ran to her defense and claimed it was all a distraction:

“‘I think a lot of people have lost focus on the people who put those torture policies in place in the first place,’ Hill said. ‘Nancy didn’t do anything wrong, in terms of the legalities, that I’m aware of. I don’t know what she was told.” (CNN, “GOP congressman asks for probe of Pelosi-CIA charge,” 05/20/2009)

It is no surprise that Hill was quick to stand up for the Speaker.  Since his first campaign in 1999, Baron Hill has benefitted greatly by Speaker Pelosi, who has pumped $39,000 to Hill’s campaign between her campaign and PAC accounts. (Source: FEC.Gov)

“Baron Hill’s defense of Nancy Pelosi shows just how out of touch he is with his constituents in Indiana,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “While the Speaker is trying to cover her own tracks by carelessly accusing our intelligence professionals of lying, Baron Hill seems more interested in protecting his party leader and one of his biggest donors rather than holding her accountable for these outrageous comments.”