NRCC Launches Series of Radio Ads and Robocalls Against Pelosi's Puppets

May 28, 2009

NRCC Launches Series of Radio Ads and Robocalls Against Pelosi’s Puppets
“Democrat Accountability Offensive” Highlights Dems’ Reluctance to Investigate CIA Claims
Washington- The NRCC is announcing a new radio ad and robocall “Accountability Offensive” aimed at holding Democrats in Congress accountable for blocking an investigation into Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s audacious claim that the CIA “misleads [her] all the time.” The radio ads will launch in 6 districts and the robo-calls will be in 11 districts across the country.“The Democrats have once again shown they’d rather protect their Speaker than uncover the truth,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “For Pelosi to insinuate that the CIA lied to her is bad enough, but for her puppets to then block an investigation into her claims is even worse.”

The NRCC will launch the radio ads in the following districts:

Suzanne Kosmas (FL-24); Glenn Nye (VA-02); Tom Perriello (VA-05); Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (SD-AL); Vic Snyder (AR-02); and Harry Teague (NM-02).

The NRCC will launch robo-calls in the following districts:

John Boccierri (OH-16); Bobby Bright (AL-02); John Hall (NY-19); Steny Hoyer (MD-05); Ann Kirkpatrick (AZ-01); Harry Mitchell (AZ-05); Walt Minnick (ID-01); Mark Schauer (MI-07); Steve Kagen (WI-08); and Larry Kissell (NC-08).

Listen to the Radio Ads Here:
Harry Teague (NM-02)-
Vic Snyder (AR-02)-
Tom Perriello (VA-05)-
Glenn Nye (VA-02)-
Suzanne Kosmas (FL-24)-
Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (SD-AL)-

Listen to the Robo Calls Here:
Bobby Bright (AL-02)-
Ann Kirkpatrick (AZ-01)-
Harry Mitchell (AZ-05)-
Steny Hoyer (MD-05)-
Mark Schauer (MI-07)-
Larry Kissell (NC-08)-
John Boccieri (OH-16)-
Steve Kagen (WI-08)-
John Hall (NY-19)-
Walt Minnick (ID-01)-

Here is the script for the radio ad hitting Harry Teague:

SFX:  Mission impossible-style music

GUMSHOE:  Agent two-eighteen here….on a top secret mission.

Undercover in Washington. D-C, that is.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the C-I-A lied to her about its techniques.

Roll tape, partner.

REPORTER BITE:  Just to be clear, you’re accusing the CIA of lying to you in September of 2002.

PELOSI BITE: Yes, of misleading the Congress of the United States.

GUMSHOE:  Speaker Pelosi in her own voice. And more…

PELOSI BITE:  They mislead us all the time.

GUMSHOE:  Hmmmmm. But lying to Congress would be a crime.  Shouldn’t we investigate a “crime”?

But on 21 May, Pelosi’s crowd blocked an investigation. Congressman Harry Teague voted that way too.  Teague voted to protect Pelosi.


My sources say Teague votes with Pelosi 92 percent of the time.

Case closed.

Call Congressman Teague at 202-225-3121. Tell him to stop siding with Nancy Pelosi.

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