Kratovil, Under Fire Back Home, Contemplates Defeat

June 2, 2009

Kratovil, Under Fire Back Home, Contemplates Defeat
Big-Spending Kratovil not Tending to Local Concerns; Appetite for Another Term Wanes
Local Officials – Including a Former Supporter – Unhappy with Congressman

Washington– When Rep. Frank Kratovil (D-MD) returned home for Memorial Day recess, he found himself on the receiving end of some political heat for neglecting the Eastern Shore and voting against its fiscally conservative values, according to an article printed today in The Hill:

“On Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, Kratovil attended the Caroline County Strawberry Festival in Ridgley on the Eastern Shore…Local politicians also attended the event, and some of them criticized Kratovil.”

Debbie Rowe, Mayor, Marydel, Md:

“[Rowe] voted and campaigned for Kratovil in 2008. She said the two have known each other for years, but that doesn’t mean she will be supporting him next year.

“‘With how well I know him, if the election were held today I can’t say that I’d vote for him,’ Rowe said.

“During the campaign, Kratovil did not visit Marydel…Rowe said she pleaded with the campaign manager to get Kratovil to come, but to no avail.”

Betty Ballas, former Mayor, Federalsburg, Md.:

“[Ballas] argued that Kratovil does not pay enough attention to the Eastern Shore counties.”

“Kratovil…voted for the stimulus package, a move that does not sit well with some voters on the Eastern Shore.”

“…for Ballas, the stimulus was a waste.” (Michael M. Gleeson, “For Kratovil, There’s More Than Congress,” The Hill, 6/1/09)

Local officials’ pointed criticisms are evidently taking their toll on Kratovil:

“If someone had told me before I ran the first time what it would take to do this, they would have needed to find another candidate…”

“Kratovil told The Hill that if he loses his reelection race, it will not be the end of the world.

“‘There is much more to life than being a United States congressman…if, at some point, I found that I could not have that balance between the family and the job, or if I for some reason lost…life would go on.’”

“Kratovil said he is not sure how he is going to get people excited about heading to the polls in next year’s midterm elections.” (Michael M. Gleeson, “For Kratovil, There’s More Than Congress,” The Hill, 6/1/09)

“Frank Kratovil seems almost resigned to a 2010 defeat,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “It’s not hard to see why he’s feeling the heat – massive spending and inattentiveness to local concerns is hardly a recipe for Democrat success in a staunchly conservative district.   So will Kratovil finally start representing his constituents and solving their problems, or will he just continue to whine about his own?”