Senior Democrats In Trouble As Pay-To-Play Scandal Deepens

June 4, 2009

 Senior Democrats In Trouble As Pay-To-Play Scandal Deepens
Veteran Democrat Leaders John Murtha and Peter Visclosky Find Re-Election Bids Complicated by Federal Probe

Democrats Ride Wave of Ethics Promises Into Power

“Democrats rode voter unrest over Congressional misconduct and the war in Iraq back to power in the House on Tuesday night, ending 12 years of Republican rule by persuading voters it was time to change course in Washington… Republicans were dogged by scandal throughout the campaign, and it cost them dearly. They lost seats in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Florida as the direct result of criminal cases and other misconduct. Exit polls showed that corruption weighed heavily on the minds of voters.” (“On Wave of Voter Unrest, Democrats Take Control of House”, New York Times, 11/08/06)
Ethics Cloud Over Disgraced PMA Lobbying Firm Endangers Longtime House Democrat Leaders

“Two veteran House Democrats could face more complicated bids for re-election next year, depending on the outcome of a federal investigation into PMA Group, a now-defunct lobbying firm. While investigators look into Reps. John Murtha’s (D-Pa.) and Peter Visclosky’s (D-Ind.) ties to the firm, voters in their respective districts will ultimately get the chance to weigh in on whether they want to send their Representatives back to Washington for another term.

“Republicans are optimistic that the ongoing investigation and negative publicity will help make both Members targets for defeat in 2010… “The bottom line is obviously Republicans have a much better shot if these guys are taken away in handcuffs,” a national Republican operative said…

“Southwestern Pennsylvania Democratic Party Caucus Chairman Jack Hanna said that the seat would become very competitive if Murtha does not run for re-election. “If it’s an open seat, the Democrats will need to field a candidate who is moderate, a modern-day version of Jack Murtha, as opposed to someone who is ensconced in the old style of political deal-making and earmarks,” Hanna said. (PMA’s Snowball Effect,Roll Call, 6/4/09)

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