Loretta Sanchez: Just Another Pelosi Puppet

July 14, 2009

Loretta Sanchez: Just Another Pelosi Puppet

Defies Fellow Blue Dogs to Support Costly Government-Run Healthcare


Washington – As Congress debates healthcare reform and explores options to help Americans receive better quality healthcare at a lower cost, Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-CA) has merely bowed down to her Puppeteer, Nancy Pelosi, by advocating a government takeover of healthcare that will cost American taxpayers over a trillion dollars – with plenty of tax hikes set to punish small businesses in order to pay for it.  In order to support her Puppeteer, she has even defied her fellow Blue Dog Democrats whom have expressed concerns with the astronomical costs of Pelosi-care.


“It is predictable that instead of fighting for California families and advocating for better healthcare at a lower cost, Loretta “Pelosi Puppet” Sanchez has instead chosen to be a talking head for Nancy Pelosi’s costly and inefficient government-run healthcare,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain.  “Sanchez can no longer claim to be fiscally-responsible, now that she is purposely defying her Blue Dogs and financing a government takeover of the healthcare industry by raising taxes on small businesses, forcing millions of Americans out of their current coverage, and potentially destroying five million American jobs.”



“I am one of those people who believes that we should be required to have a public option because it will bring the cost of healthcare down. The number one thing when we are talking about reform… is that, right now, healthcare escalates between 15 and 20 percent a year. And we have got to bring that down to the 2 or 3 percent every year range and if we don’t then most of us, probably including you and me, will not have health care in the next five years.” (Rep. Loretta Sanchez on MSNBC, July, 10, 2009)


Instead of truly working to “bring the cost of healthcare down” as Sanchez claims to want to do, she is bowing down to Democrat party bosses’ :


“It will have, coming out of the House, a public option,” Pelosi said. “The only debate on that is what it will be called — a patient option, a public option, write in your suggestions.” (Kim Dixon, “Democratic faction uneasy about healthcare bill,” Reuters, 7/13/09)


Blue Dog Democrats, whom Sanchez claims to be a member of, are concerned with the costs of Pelosi’s detrimental healthcare takeover:


“But in a letter to Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, about 50 House Democrats said the House should “pare back some of the cost-drivers to produce a bill that we can afford.” The so-called Democratic Blue Dog Coalition, an influential faction within the majority party, also said they had “strong reservations about the process and direction” of the proposed legislation…But the estimated cost of restructuring the $2.5 trillion healthcare system has raised alarms among Republicans and some Democrats, who have argued that the proposed reforms are unaffordable for a country mired in a deep recession. The Blue Dog Democrats complained that the proposed House bill failed to reform payments to doctors, hospitals and insurers and lacked provisions to shield small businesses from excessive costs. They also expressed concern about the establishment of a government-run health insurance plan favored by some Democrats, saying it would hurt small hospitals and doctors.” (Kim Dixon, “Democratic faction uneasy about healthcare bill,” Reuters, 7/13/09)


With pressure from her party bosses to fund the $1.5 trillion bill with another massive job-killing tax hike, Loretta Sanchez has caved under pressure once more instead of fighting for California families.