Pelosi's Door Revolves for Top Lobbyist

July 20, 2009

The revolving door is wide open in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office just two years after she promised to crack down on the practice of congressional aides moving into lobbying shops and then back into government.

Pelosi announced Monday that she is hiring one of Washington’s top lobbyists, Richard Meltzer, to be her policy director. It is a position in which Meltzer, a longtime Pelosi friend, is certain to have tremendous input into the shape of legislation affecting the more than 200 clients he represented according to federal lobbying disclosure records.

It is Meltzer’s second tour of duty with Pelosi since Democrats won control of the House.

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(Jonathan Allen, “Pelosi’s Door Revolves for Top Lobbyist,” CQ Politics’ “Jonathan Allen’s Notepad” blog, 7/20/09)