Pelosi Counting on Owens to Push Through Government Takeover of Healthcare

October 30, 2009

Pelosi Counting on Owens to Push Through Government Takeover of Healthcare

Liberal Lawyer Bill Owens’ Support Key for Massive Job-Killing House Dem Bill


Washington – If there was any doubt as to why national Democrats and their left-wing allies have been going all in for Bill Owens, there isn’t anymore. Nancy Pelosi and her liberal allies in the House rolled out a massive, almost 2,000 page bill that would lead America on the path to complete government control of healthcare and they are counting on Bill Owens’ vote should he be elected to Congress. With many House Democrats hedging their bets over constituent concerns about this massive new government plan, Nancy Pelosi is banking on that one additional vote that Owens would bring to the table.

Owens himself has already stated his support for government-run healthcare, and he wants to see it as soon as possible:


 “I believe we need to move forward with health care reform as rapidly as possible.” (North Country Public Radio, 10/28/09)


It is no coincidence that now is the time Pelosi has chosen to tout her trillion-dollar government plan. Should Owens be successful, then Nancy Pelosi will be assured of at least one more vote for a government takeover of healthcare that raises taxes, forces millions of Americans out of their current coverage and may destroy millions of American jobs. Unfortunately for Bill Owens, Nancy Pelosi and Washington Democrats, the voters of Central and Northern New York have yet to cast judgment on this newest piece of the Democrats’ anti-jobs agenda.

“With public support for this massive government-run boondoggle fading by the day, Speaker Pelosi and her liberal allies are doing all they can to prop up Bill Owens’ campaign,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain.  “It should come as no surprise that Bill Owens is willing to turn his back on the families and hardworking taxpayers of Central and Northern New York to support Nancy Pelosi’s big government agenda. Pelosi and her liberal House allies have been on a spending spree with taxpayer money since the moment they took power, but now with their latest scam in jeopardy those extreme left-wingers are counting on their fellow liberal, lawyer Bill Owens, to stand with them and provide one more needed vote. Fortunately, on Tuesday voters will have the opportunity to reject Bill Owens and his tax-hiking, job-killing support of government run healthcare.”