Recess Roastings: Schrader Admits to Ignoring Oregonians' Concerns

January 11, 2010

Schrader Admits to Ignoring Oregonians’ Concerns

Oregon Congressman Says Constituents Don’t ‘Make Much Impact on the Way He Votes in Congress’


Democrat Operatives Claim Government Healthcare Takeover Is a Political Winner, Despite Constituents’ Opposition

Said a Democratic official: “If Republicans think this is a political problem for us – they’re sorely mistaken. The American people want reform and Republicans are standing in the way for the sake of partisan politics. That is a political problem for them. We are going to cause havoc for them.” (Ben Smith, “DNC targets 33 Republicans on healthcare vote,” Politico, 11/09/09)

Recess Roasting: Schrader Condemns Loss of Civility as Constituents Send Message of Opposition to Government-Run Healthcare


U.S. Rep. Kurt Schrader expressed dismay Friday about a tea-party-style protest that disrupted his town hall meeting at the Salem Public Library earlier this week.


Loud and angry protesters drowned out discussion at the Wednesday night meeting, shouting questions and chanting….


“This Congress is taking on huge issues which create great uncertainty in all our lives, [said Schrader, D-Ore.]


“However, saying that, though, I think it’s a shame there’s a certain level of civility that’s disappearing, at least in this area.”


Schrader added that such behavior doesn’t make much impact on the way he votes in Congress.


“The way to get me to pay attention isn’t by yelling and screaming at me,” he said. “That’s probably not good positive reinforcement for me to listen to your message.


“As an old planning commissioner from Canby for 15 years, I try to listen past the emotion and try and get to the kernel of things, but you’re not going to influence me by a higher volume. I’m a pretty analytical guy. You’re probably not striking a responsive chord with me.”


Schrader voted for the House version of the health care reform bill, and he said Friday he does expect his vote to be a campaign issue.


“I expect everything I do to become a campaign issue, at the end of the day,” he said. “I thought I explained things pretty well — why I ended up being a yes vote on the House version.” (Dennis Thompson Jr., “Oregon congressman laments loss of civility,” Statesman Journal, 01/09/10)



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