Mike Grimm Advances to ‘On the Radar’

January 12, 2010

Mike Grimm Advances to ‘On the Radar’

New York Candidate Takes Important Step Toward ‘Young Gun’ Status


Washington- The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has officially announced Mike Grimm (NY-13) as an ‘On the Radar’ candidate, an important first step in its Young Guns program. Founded in the 2007-2008 election cycle by Reps. Eric Cantor (R-VA), Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), and Paul Ryan (R-WI), the Young Guns program is a member-driven organization dedicated to electing open-seat and challenger candidates nationwide. Grimm is running in New York’s Thirteenth Congressional District.


The Young Guns program is designed to assist Republican candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives achieve goals and benchmarks throughout the election cycle focused on the fundamentals of a winning campaign. By achieving ‘On the Radar’ status, Grimm has already proven his ability to build a successful campaign structure and achieve important fundraising goals.


“The NRCC is committed to working with Mike Grimm as he continues to meet the rigorous goals of the Young Guns program,” said NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions. “Mike Grimm is an accomplished leader for New York, and he already has significant momentum behind his campaign. In a district that has consistently voted Republican on the presidential level, I am confident that Republicans will be successful in our effort to defeat Michael McMahon, who is an out-of-touch career politician solely focused on his party’s big-government, big-spending agenda rather than job creation.”


Mike Grimm has dedicated his life to serving the country and the state of New York. After joining the United States Marine Corps at the age of nineteen, Grimm went on to serve for 11 years as an FBI Special Agent. During his time in the FBI, Grimm worked undercover for the Financial Fraud Squad, where he relentlessly fought both corruption on Wall Street and crooked politicians. With a successful career in the FBI and a law and accounting degree under his belt, Grimm ventured out into the private sector, opening a restaurant and becoming a principal in a bio-fuel company. Given his accomplished background, Grimm is ready to take on Washington Democrats and hold them accountable for the corruption and runaway spending they have become so accustomed too.


Having achieved certain benchmarks to place him on the road to victory, Mike Grimm now faces a new set of rigorous goals that will help him advance to the next level of the Young Guns program and help him build a competitive, effective and winning campaign.