NRCC Makes President Obama's Encounter With House Republicans Available on Website

February 3, 2010

NRCC Makes President Obama’s Encounter With House Republicans Available on Website

Republicans Voice Solutions, Focus on Winning Back Majority at House Republican Conference Retreat

Washington– The National Republican Congressional Committee has made available on its website a historic question-and-answer session held between the House Republican Conference and President Barack Obama. Republicans used the opportunity at their Issues Conference in Baltimore last week to dispel any accusations by Democrats that the GOP has failed to offer ideas to get the country back on track. After shattering the Democrats’ empty campaign rhetoric, Republicans made it clear once again that the House majority is in play in 2010.


Republican Leader John Boehner summed up the dialogue and solutions at the House Republican Conference retreat as a success, citing job creation as the number one issue:


“The dialogue went very well… We want to continue to try to find common ground… The American people are continuing to ask the question ‘Where are the jobs?’ and that should be our focus of this year. It should have been the focus of the Administration last year… Let’s find a common ground where we can put Americans back to work because that’s what they expect of us.” (“Republican Leaders Comment After Meeting with President Obama,” House Republican Conference,


“While Americans are desperately seeking solutions to the country’s problems, Democrats have repeatedly shut the door to constructive Republican proposals to move the country out of its economic slump and spark recovery,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “This historic encounter with the President allowed Republicans to voice the alternative solutions we have offered to the Administration and our Democrat colleagues all year.”


To view the videos from the House Republican Conference retreat, click here.