Titus Silent on National Monument Designation that Threatens Nevada’s Vitality

March 8, 2010

Titus Silent on National Monument Designation that Threatens Nevada’s Vitality

Nevada Families, Businesses Will Take Major Hit From Monument Designation


Washington- President Obama is considering designating a National Monument in Owyhee County, Idaho that would deal a devastating blow to the pipelines and energy corridors that run from Idaho to Nevada. The pipelines supply water and energy to Nevada’s suburbs and casinos – a major employer in Nevada. Instead of working to prevent the potential catastrophe, Dina Titus has refused to sign onto pivotal legislation that would work to protect Nevada’s lifelines. Under the Antiquities Act, the President has full executive power to designate areas without input from the residents and businesses that would be affected. With Nevada’s economy already suffering the consequences of Titus’ failed job-killing ‘stimulus,’ Nevada’s businesses can’t afford another hit:


“Southern Nevada Water Authority officials will make their case for more water to fill their pipeline across Eastern Nevada at a state hearing that convenes Monday morning in Carson City.


“The authority wants state permission to pump more than 11.3 billion gallons of groundwater a year, enough to supply almost 120,000 homes, from three watersheds in central Lincoln County.


“The water would be carried to Las Vegas in the same pipeline the authority plans to build to tap Spring Valley in White Pine County, some 250 miles away.” (Henry Brean, “EASTERN NEVADA PIPELINE: Water rights hearing set,” Las Vegas Review-Journal, 2/02/2008)


“Nevada’s economy is already on life support, but that won’t stop Dina Titus from standing idly by while the Obama administration cuts the water and energy supply for local businesses,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “A National Monument designation in Owyhee County, Idaho would greatly affect the pipelines running from Idaho to Nevada and could deal a devastating blow to the businesses and the families that rely on them for water and energy. After voting with her Democrat leadership over 97 percent of the time, it comes as no surprise to Nevada families that Titus would again support another one of her party’s detrimental policies instead of the best interests of her constituents.”


Las Vegas hotels and casinos have taken a major hit due to Obama’s and Titus’ failed policies:


“’At the end of the day, we believe the Las Vegas market will remain under pressure for the foreseeable future as competitors fight hard to win, or worse, buy business,’ wrote David Bain of Stern Agee.’”


“Las Vegas has been hit especially hard by the downturn, with visitation levels dropping and spending by those who do come sharply lower. And, amid a glut of new rooms, that has pressured rates and dragged down margins at all the major casino operators.” (William Spain, “Shares of Las Vegas Sands, MGM Mirage crumble,” MarketWatch, 2/18/2010)


In Dina Titus’ own words: Could she be ‘f—ed’ in November for supporting her leadership’s policies instead of supporting the best interests of her constituents?


“Like the former vice president, Titus dropped an F-bomb in frank conversation with Democrats… The Nevada representative, in a closed meeting with fellow House freshmen and Speaker Nancy Pelosi two weeks ago, said Democrats everywhere would be ‘f—ed’ if they didn’t learn from this month’s loss in the Massachusetts special Senate election.’” (Glenn Cook, “Titus said what everyone knows,” Las Vegas Review-Journal, 01/31/2010)