G.O.P. Ad Aims at ‘Flip-Flops’ in Florida

April 6, 2010

Flip-flops are an essential part of the Sunshine State wardrobe, but Republicans are trying to give them a negative connotation when it comes to Representatives Suzanne M. Kosmas and Allen Boyd, two Democrats from Florida who supported the final health care legislation after voting against the original House bill back in November.


Taking aim at what they call the “Flip-Flop Five,” the National Republican Congressional Committee on Tuesday began showing television commercials against Ms. Kosmas, whose district includes the Kennedy Space Center and who is facing a tough re-election fight, and Mr. Boyd, a veteran House member from the Florida Panhandle.


The ad features an assortment of feet in flip-flops, including one rather unsightly array of toes, and then seeks to nail Ms. Kosmas and the other Democrats who threw their support behind the bill.


“One flip-flop was just disgusting,” says the narrator, who notes that Ms. Kosmas cast a decisive vote for the health care measure and its provisions. “That’s a big flip, and she’s a big flop.”


Republicans say that the ad will run on cable networks in the two districts and that in the coming days they will run spots against others who changed their positions.


Both Ms. Kosmas and Mr. Boyd have tied their support for the final version of the bill to the substantial reductions in the deficit that the Congressional Budget Office said would result from the legislation.
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