Pelosi Puppet Zack Space Rewarded for Partisan Record

June 7, 2010

Pelosi Puppet Zack Space Rewarded for Partisan Record
Dem Campaign Chair Hosts Fundraising Dinner to Thank Ohio Democrat for Voting With the Speaker

Washington– With Democrat Zack Space (D-OH) expecting a tough fight this fall, he is being rewarded for his partisan record with a fundraising dinner hosted by Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) Chairman Chris Van Hollen. With a 93.2% record of voting with Speaker Pelosi, Space has proven that he is more concerned with toeing the party line at almost every opportunity rather than putting his constituents first and focusing on job creation.

By caving to the Speaker and supporting the failed stimulus bill, flip-flopping on the healthcare plan after voting the first time around, and supporting anti-coal policies like cap-and-trade, Space has repeatedly sold out his voters for the Obama-Pelosi agenda. And now, by taking money from Pelosi’s top lieutenant Chairman Van Hollen, Zack Space has proven once again that he is nothing more than a puppet for his party’s leadership.

“After maintaining his partisan record and voting for Pelosi’s unpopular agenda 93.2 percent of the time, Chairman Chris Van Hollen and the DCCC are rewarding Zack Space with a fundraising dinner that may be his last hoorah,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “While Space is busy gathering campaign cash and rubbing elbows with Washington insiders, families in Ohio are expressing concerns about the Democrat party’s partisan, job-killing agenda that he helped pass. It should come as no surprise to him when Eastern Ohioans send him packing in November.”