Republican group gets back behind Stephen Fincher

June 30, 2010

The National Republican Congressional Committee, whose ardor for “Frog Jump farmer and gospel singer” Stephen Fincher seemed to have cooled considerably in recent weeks, has piped up again in support of the candidate, announcing they have named him one of their “Young Guns” candidates for Congress.

“Stephen’s campaign is a symbol of the growing momentum behind Republican candidacies both in Tennessee and across the country,” NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions, R-Texas, said in a statement released this morning. “As Democrats and their party bosses continue to push their big-government, big-spending policies onto the backs of hard-working families, Republicans like Stephen Fincher will continue to present a clear alternative to a Democrat majority that continues to spend too much, borrow too much and tax too much.”

The NRCC had been gung-ho behind Fincher earlier this year, making it clear that he was the organization’s pick to represent the Republican party in the race to succeed Democratic U.S. Rep. John Tanner, but it seemed to have backed off after two West Tennessee physicians demonstrated wide appeal in the 8th Congressional district. They have hit Fincher for, among other things, taking government subsidies for his farm and voting as recently as last month in a local Democratic primary.

One of Fincher’s foes, Ron Kirkland, issued a statement mocking the NRCC and Fincher:
“We are surprised that Washington would continue to support their hand-picked candidate, loyal Democrat voter Stephen Fincher. After his vote in a Democrat Primary last month, today’s announcement confirms what we all knew: Hypocrisy is as rampant in Washington as it is in the Fincher campaign.”

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