Loretta Sanchez’s Recovery Bummer: Unemployment at 9.6%

September 3, 2010

Loretta Sanchez’s Recovery Bummer: Unemployment at 9.6%
The Democrats’ “Recovery Summer” Ends with a Thud

Washington- House Democrats’ summer recess is almost over and it’s time for Loretta Sanchez and the out-of-touch majority to face the music. With another failed attempt at recovery under their belts, Sanchez and her friends are facing a bruising uphill battle to re-election this November. With unemployment at an unacceptably high 9.6 percent and way above the Democrats’ once promised eight percent, Sanchez and Washington Democrats have officially run out of excuses. Their trillion-dollar stimulus failed to produce jobs and their runaway spending spree has left the nation in debt, leaving their Democrat majority up for grabs this fall.

“As summer recess comes to an end, it’s time for Loretta Sanchez to face the music and the consequences of her failed economic policies,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “After being buried under mountains of debt and facing crushing unemployment each month, California voters are ready to send Sanchez and her out-of-touch Washington friends a message this November: They’re tired of this jobless recovery. With time running out and Sanchez out of excuses, her “recovery summer” is quickly turning into an autumn of discontent.”

Loretta Sanchez is facing the fight of her life as November quickly approaches, and she is not alone:

“’But conditions have deteriorated badly for Democrats over the summer. The economy appears rotten, with little chance of a substantial comeback by November 2nd. Unemployment is very high, income growth sluggish, and public confidence quite low. The Democrats’ self-proclaimed ‘Recovery Summer’ has become a term of derision, and to most voters—fair or not—it seems that President Obama has over-promised and under-delivered.” (Larry J. Sabato, “Sixty Days to Go,” Sabato’s Crystal Ball, 9/02/2010)

“Simply put, Democrats find themselves heading into a midterm election that looks as grisly as any the party has faced in decades. It isn’t hard to find Democratic pollsters who privately concede that the numbers they are looking at now are worse than what they saw in 1994.” (Charlie Cook, “No Help On The Horizon For Dems,” National Journal, 9/01/2010)

With an already struggling economy, uncertainty about the Democrats’ looming tax-hikes is contributing to the nation’s unemployment problem.
“Congress’ inability to make a decision about the fate of Bush-era tax cuts is contributing to the unemployment crisis facing the country, according to the Labor Day 2010 report by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM).
“‘Small businesses are America’s job creators, responsible for 60 percent of the net new jobs created in the last decade,’ the report states. ‘But uncertainty about looming tax hikes has stunted employment growth and until Main Street begins to hire, the unemployment rate will remain unacceptably high.’” (Jay Heflin, “Uncertainty of Bush tax cuts affects hiring, study states,” The Hill, 09/02/10)

Sanchez’s time is running up as California families continue to ask: Where are the jobs?