NRCC Launches TV Ad on Heath Shuler’s Spending Hypocrisy

March 21, 2011

NRCC Launches TV Ad on Heath Shuler’s Spending Hypocrisy
Despite Lip Service about Fiscal Responsibility, Shuler Votes for Big Budget Policies

— The National Republican Congressional Committee today released a TV ad highlighting North Carolina Democrat Heath Shuler’s failure to get serious about cutting our deficits and reining in out of control spending. As voters across the country are demanding that their representatives take a serious approach to reducing our deficit and cutting spending, Shuler has once again tuned out from the conversation and has instead continued to toe the Democrat Party line of wasteful spending.

“Heath Shuler still doesn’t understand that voters are ready for a firm and aggressive approach to tackling our deficits and getting spending under control,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay. “While he continues to talk about how firmly he believes in fiscal responsibility, his votes to preserve the Democratic tax and spend status quo tell the real story: Heath Shuler is just another big-spending, big-government Democrat. Shuler can attempt to portray himself as a fiscally responsible moderate, but constituents will continue to learn Shuler has little interest in putting our economy and debt back on the right track.”

To view the ad, click here:

The script for the ad reads as follows:

ANNCR: Can you believe what you read on the internet?

Not if it comes from Congressman Shuler’s website.

Online, Shuler brags about his plan to “eliminate wasteful spending”… and “reduce the deficit.”

But that’s not how Heath Shuler voted.

Shuler voted for the Obama-Pelosi budget that had massive deficits.

Shuler voted against cutting $61 billion from this year’s spending.

So don’t look at what Heath Shuler says….look at his votes.

The National Republican Congressional Committee is responsible for the content of this ad.