Stand up to Democrats

May 12, 2011

Dear Supporter,

We know that Democrats are hungry to regain power and have shown they will stop at nothing to achieve victory.

For example, in NY-26 there is a special election about to occur and Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are determined to win this seat through any means possible. One of the two Democrat candidates, who filed to run, even went so far as to run under the guise of being a Tea Party candidate.

Yet these two Democrats cannot run from their own words and deeds, including their support of Nancy Pelosi, saying “She [Pelosi] has done a good job for our country,” and expressing happiness for having, “Had a hand in creating Nancy Pelosi’s Democrat majority in Congress.” Not to mention, endorsing Barack Obama for President and taking campaign contributions from Obama and Charlie Rangel.

Now, the DCCC has announced they are going to spend $250,000 on TV ads in the final 10 days of the campaign.

We cannot allow DCCC attacks like this one to go unanswered. Make an immediate contribution to the NRCC to ensure no misleading claim by the DCCC, or any other Democrat group, goes unanswered.

Act now, to ensure Republicans can remain on the offense throughout the 2012 cycle.


Pete Sessions
NRCC Chairman