A U.S. Congressman pumps gas as he listens to hardships brought on by gas prices

May 13, 2011

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – From the floor of the House of Representatives to a gas station, Congressman Allen West doubled as a gas attendant Monday to talk about rising prices. The pain at the pump is no secret. “It’s terrible, terrible. I’m trying to limit my trips here and there,” says Sandy Weber. The congressman listened to drivers who took the unexpected chance to share their challenges. He asked one driver what she’s cut back on in her life, she answered “I cut back on everything.” We asked the congressman if he can do more than talk. Can he actually do something about the price of gas? He used a military analogy to explain that it’s going to take time. “When I was serving in the military, the Navy guys used to say it takes 5 miles to turn an aircraft carrier around. The important thing is that we have to start that motion. We should be drilling, going after natural gas, the coal, nuclear, hydrogen power,” says congressman West. Those who watched the congressman work have faith he can make change, but they also want to hold him accountable. “I’m gonna watch and wait and see the papers, see what he does,” says Lori Lapidus.