New NRCC TV Ad: Brad Miller Votes for More Debt, Fewer Jobs

June 3, 2011

New NRCC TV Ad: Brad Miller Votes for More Debt, Fewer Jobs
As Families Budget, Miller Continues to Support Democrat Spending Spree that Threatens to Inflict Further on Harm America’s Economy

Washington—The National Republican Congressional Committee is releasing today a TV ad highlighting Brad Miller’s vote and unwavering support for a clean debt limit hike that would further indebt the U.S. to countries like China. As unemployment numbers remain high and Americans across the country are looking for ways to create jobs, Miller continues to support policies that stifle job creation and pile the debt on to the backs of hard working families.

“After maxing out his first credit card, Miller is demanding another one with no strings attached so he and his fellow Democrats can continue their reckless spending binge,” NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay said. “As Americans are finding ways to make their family budgets work by making cuts on every corner, Brad Miller votes continually to spend money we don’t have while indebting us to countries like China. To make matters worse, Miller’s reckless position threatens to harm our economy during a time of unacceptably high unemployment.”

To view the TV ad, click here.

The text for the ad is as follows:

ANNCR: The American economy is still in trouble.

Drowning in government debt…owed to countries like China.

The national debt is now 14 trillion dollars.

And Congressman Brad Miller just voted for two trillion MORE debt….without any budget cuts.

More American debt means fewer American jobs.

Tell Congressman Miller he’s borrowed too much already.

The National Republican Congressional Committee is responsible for the content of this ad.