Kate Marshall Continues to Tout Failed Record

July 20, 2011

Despite her failed record as Nevada Treasurer for the past four years, Kate Marshall continues to tout her experience on the campaign trail.

“‘I can take what I’ve done and talk about how we have to do that on a larger scale,’ Marshall told the Sun in an interview earlier this week.” (Karoun Demirjian, “Latest Amodei campaign commercial focuses on jobs,” Las Vegas Sun, 7/20/2010)

Unfortunately for Nevada taxpayers, Marshall glosses over the fact that she lost $50 million of taxpayer money on a preventable Wall Street gamble on the campaign trail. Do Nevada working families really want Kate Marshall to take her reckless record to Washington?

NRCC Comment:

“Kate Marshall seems to be suffering from selective amnesia when it comes to her reckless record as Nevada’s top financial officer. Harry Reid’s handpicked candidate Kate Marshall lost millions of taxpayer dollars on a Wall Street gamble and will continue her reckless record in Congress if elected.” – Tyler Q. Houlton, NRCC Spokesman

Facts on the Nevada economy since Kate Marshall took office.

The unemployment rate has more than tripled from 4% in January 2007, to a high of 15% in 2010, to 12% today (BLS.GOV)
The foreclosure rate in Nevada has been the highest in the nation for 53 straight months (Associated Press)
Both the unemployment rate and foreclosure rate are the highest in the nation

Marshall and Obama