Kate Marshall Supports Unconstitutional Healthcare Mandate

August 12, 2011

Today, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the individual mandate within the $1 trillion national healthcare law is unconstitutional. The individual mandate forces all Americans to buy insurance.

Kate Marshall endorsed Hillary Clinton for President in 2008 because of the individual mandate component of her nationalized healthcare plan. At a rally for Clinton, Marshall said:

“When we talk about health care in this country we need to talk about health care for everyone and that’s one of the reasons I support Senator Clinton’s health care plan.” (Kate Marshall’s comments at a Hillary Clinton for President rally)

According to the Associated Press:

The centerpiece of Clinton’s plan is the so-called “individual mandate,” requiring everyone to have health insurance – just as most states require drivers to purchase auto insurance. Rival John Edwards has also offered a plan that includes an individual mandate, while the proposal outlined by Barack Obama does not.” (“Clinton Offers Universal Health Care Plan” Associated Press, 9/17/2007)

Not only does Kate Marshall support an unconstitutional individual mandate, she believes Obama’s $1 trillion government takeover of healthcare should not be repealed.

NRCC Comment:


“Kate Marshall’s support of an unconstitutional healthcare mandate that forces Americans to buy insurance will hurt an already struggling economy in Nevada. The fact that Kate Marshall opposes repealing the $1 trillion government healthcare takeover, which gutted Medicare by $500 billion, shows how out of touch she is with Nevada voters.” – Tyler Q. Houlton, NRCC Spokesman