Kate Marshall Campaigns on Failed Record As Nevada Unemployment Rate Hits 13%

August 19, 2011

Nevada’s unemployment rate remained the highest in the nation last month as the rate increased to 13%. Kate Marshall claims to have steered Nevada’s economy with a steady hand despite overseeing two credit downgrades, losing $50 million of taxpayer money on a Wall Street gamble, and increasing her office spending by 33%. Marshall also supports Harry Reid’s failed policies that have made the American economy worse.

NRCC Comment:

“It’s insulting to Nevada voters for Kate Marshall to claim she has steered the economy with a steady hand while Nevadans suffers from the highest unemployment in the nation. As Harry Reid’s handpicked candidate, Kate Marshall supports the same failed policies that have devastated the American economy and stifled job creation in Nevada.” – Tyler Q. Houlton,NRCC Spokesman