New NRCC TV Ad: Don’t Let Mike McIntyre “Burn Us Again” on Another Failed Stimulus

November 2, 2011

New NRCC TV Ad: Don’t Let Mike McIntyre “Burn Us Again” on Another Failed Stimulus
After Supporting One Failed Stimulus, North Carolina Democrat Could Choose to Again Allow More Reckless Spending with No Jobs to Show for It

Washington — The National Republican Congressional Committee announced the release of a new television ad exposing Mike McIntyre for supporting President Obama’s failed stimulus package that added nearly one trillion dollars to the national debt and failed to create the jobs that were promised. Now Obama is campaigning around the nation for his next stimulus 2.0 and North Carolina families are terrified that McIntyre will once again back his party leader and support more reckless spending that makes the economy worse.

“Mike McIntyre continues to ignore the needs of North Carolina families as he supports Obama’s big-government agenda that crushes job-growth,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay. “North Carolina families cannot survive another stimulus that includes job-killing tax hikes and reckless spending. With an economy teetering on the brink of a double-dip recession, it is time for Mike McIntyre to tell his constituents whether or not he plans to once again blindly support President Obama’s failed policies.”

The text for this ad is as follows:

ANNOUNCER: You know the old saying….fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

Will Mike McIntyre fool you again?

Last time President Obama pushed a wasteful stimulus plan, Mike McIntyre went along with it – and we got burned.

The economy got worse.

Now President Obama is pushing more wasteful stimulus spending.

What will Mike McIntyre do?

Tell Mike McIntyre: don’t burn us again.

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