New NRCC TV Ad: The Obama-Matheson Agenda: “Deficits, Debt, Failure”

December 12, 2011

 New NRCC TV Ad: The Obama-Matheson Agenda: “Deficits, Debt, Failure”
Utah Democrat Boasts His Support for Obama’s Failed Economic Policies

Washington — The National Republican Congressional Committee announced the release of a new television ad slamming Jim Matheson for his support of President Obama’s failed stimulus package that wasted almost $1 trillion in taxpayer money. Utah families are worried that Jim Matheson could boast the same support for Obama’s stimulus 2.0 that will continue to devastate the economy with “deficits, debt” and ultimate “failure.”

“When it’s time for voters in Utah to decide if they want Jim Matheson to represent them again in 2013 they need to remember that Matheson is a proud supporter of President Obama and his crippling economic policies,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay. “Jim Matheson already condemned his hardworking Utah constituents to years of difficult economic times by championing Obama’s first stimulus package. Utah families want to know if he will be as eager to continue to jeopardize economic growth in Utah by supporting more of Obama’s job-destroying policies.”

The script for this ad is as follows:

JIM MATHESON: I’m a Democrat and I’m here to tell you I don’t run from that label.

ANNOUNCER: That’s not the only label he wears. Matheson is also President Obama’s biggest supporter in Utah.

JIM MATHESON: That’s why I alone among the Utah delegation supported President Obama’s jobs legislation.

ANNOUNCER: He sure did. Matheson voted for Obama’s failed stimulus bill. It wasted billions. Now Democrats want to do it again. Matheson, Obama. Deficits, Debt, Failure.

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